GRÁINNE: Faeries Of The Sea

GRÁINNE: Faeries Of The Sea


“On moonlight nights they often come up on the land, riding their white horses, and they hold revels with their fairy kindred of the earth, who live in the clefts of the hills, and they dance together on the green sward under the ancient trees, and drink, nectar from the cups of the flowers, which is the fairy wine.”

~ Description of fairy behaviour, taken from “Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland” by Lady Jane Wilde (1887)

COLOUR NOTES: blue, teal, navy

100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester


  • Lace

    • 100g/800m

    • Recommended needle/hook size: 2.5mm - 4mm

  • 4ply/Fingering/Sock

    • 100g/400m

    • Recommended needle/hook size: 2.25mm - 3.5mm

  • DK

    • 100g/225m

    • Recommended needle/hook size: 3.5mm - 4mm

  • Aran

    • 100g/166m

    • Recommended needle/hook size: 4mm - 5mm

Suitable for socks? Yes

Wash in cold water. Dry flat.

Country of origin: United Kingdom

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