Wherever possible, we take steps to reduce our environmental impact. Food grade citric acid is used to set our colours, dye baths are exhausted, water recycled to minimise waste and our yarn allowed to dry naturally in the fresh air of the Donegal mountains.

We will continue to strive for ways to prevent injury to, and protect our precious environment.


We are beyond fortunate to live five minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

While our local beaches are thankfully pristine, plastic pollution is an ever present and growing concern. Having seen the destructive and far reaching effects of plastic during her time as an environmental geologist, Kathleen has pledged to minimise her own family’s plastic waste. As such, Wild Atlantic Yarns has a zero plastic shipping policy.  All of our orders are lovingly wrapped in recycled paper materials, mailed in robust kraft paper postal bags, and paper eco tape used where needed. We are proud to say that the end result is a kinder (and prettier) package.